Creating Compute Continuums across Platforms

What is Colonies?

Colonies is an open-source project initiated by RISE AB, designed to streamline execution of computational workloads across platforms (IoT, edge, cloud, and HPC). Colonies provides a distributed runtime environment, known as a Colony, enabling development, deployment, and execution of microservices ubiquitously over the Internet. This allows for seamless integration with other systems and creation of Compute Continuums.

A Colony is a loosely-coupled collection of distributed microservices called Executors. A zero-trust security protocol based on the principle trust, but verify enables the Executors to operate as a unified entity. Each Colony is governed by a private key that serves as a central authority, analogous to one ring to rule them all, making it possible to control a Colony as if it was a single machine.

A fundamental concept is the notion of processes which contains meta-information about computations to be carried out by the Executors. Colonies provides a protocol that enables Executors to publish instructions that are subsequently assigned to other Executor members of the same Colony. In this way, the Colonies serves as a job broker, almost like an employment agency for people. By linking the instructions into Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) it becomes possible to seamlessly execute workloads across platforms.

See the Colonies Github repo and the Python SDK repo for examples how to use it.

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Johan Kristiansson, RISE AB.