What is ColonyOS and Colonies?

ColonyOS is an open-source project created by RISE AB to orchestrate AI/ML workloads across heterogeneous computing platforms. The main component of ColonyOS is a service called Colonies.

Colonies provides functionality to establish trusted distributed computing environments, process management, and functionality to orchestrate workloads. It is a building block to implement a Meta-Operating System, an overlay built on top of existing operating systems and platforms to create compute continuums spanning devices, webapps, clouds, edges, and HPC platforms.

The core idea of Colonies is to split up complex workloads in two layers, a Meta-layer and an Execution-layer.

See GitHub for more information.

Colonies is used today by RockSigma AB to implement a High-Performance seismic processing engine for underground mines on top of Kubernetes.

How does it work?

Key features